Warranty & Returns

Our return policy is as follows:

Return will only be accepted if it’s made before you give written/signed receiving of the products upon delivery. Once the receiving is made and we a have proof that the customer received the order and accepted in full then no return or exchange will be possible.

Same of the above mentioned goes for exchange policy.

As we make sure that you receive what you order for then there is no space left for any kind of changes or returns.


Kindly make sure that all the items and details mentioned in invoice, for example: quantity or price of the product is up to your requirement before you give receiving to our rider in written. Once receiving is made DOORPHARMACY.COM WILL NOT REFUND OR EXCHANGE ANYTHING DELVEIRED TO YOU.

Also please note that all electronic items have their respective warranties and are only claimable with respective merchants. For any queries regarding this please contact us on Contact Us page or call us at +92-302-2011611 between 9 am to 6 pm.