About us

Since Pakistan is a developing country and everything from clothing to gadgets is available online so why not medicines?

Doorpharmacy.com aims to offer authentic and genuine medicines from to your door in no time. Having Pakistan's largest online pharmaceutical database with over 7,000 products from more than 35 companies, doorpharmacy.com promises to provide the cheapest medicines online. That’s why we guarantee that if you find a lower online price, we will match it. That’s how much we believe in ourselves.

Like any other traditional pharmacy store in Pakistan, doorpharmacy.com doesn’t focus only on medicines but also supplies; surgical products, powdered milk, diapers, first aid, bandages, nebulizers, gluco meters and blood pressure meters.


DoorPharmacy.com - Why Us?

-Very Friendly Web Site UI.

-Over 6,000 branded products.

-Un-Matched Discounts.

-Free* Delivery across Pakistan.


Unique Products Categories

-General Medicine

-Baby and Adult Diapers

-Surgical Instruments

-Baby Powdered Milk

-Pelikan and Shark Stationary

-General Items

-L'Oréal Paris and Maybelline New York

-Medicam Beauty




Our family has been in relationship with pharmaceutical industry since past 30 years and has a vast experience of knowing how to satisfy our customers. This is what we are bringing to doorpharmacy.com and to you. Doorpharmacy.com is just a branch of our business to retail customers bringing the whole pharmaceutical market along with it.

Building your trust is our first priority and that’s what we excel in because we know how and where to buy your medicines from and to identify any counterfeit before it reaches you. Our experience has skilled us how to make sure that you are satisfied to your best and this is why our slogan;